About Us

Youth 2 Knowledge (Y2K) is a science-based, mental health organisation that educates children on the importance of establishing and maintaining positive mental health.

Our hour-long holistic health programs educate students in regards to brain development, the dangers of neurotoxins, goal setting, motivation and the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise in order to establish and maintain positive mental health.

Y2K uses the latest 3D brain scan technology, interactive motor-control and exercise modules delivered by trained mental health specialists. We use food pyramids, healthy nutrition guides and an inspirational goal setting and motivational module. In our program students are engaged with a wide array of stimulus, in order to effectively address the needs of a wide range of youth.

We cater for grades 2-4, 5-6 and 7-9 with our three science-based programs that are specifically designed for these age groups. Individual classes or <30 students are optimally impacted by our modules and generally absorb the most information, so for this reason we discourage larger classes.

Staff training is also available upon request.