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Youth 2 Knowledge (Y2K) is a drug awareness program that uses visual learning techniques to educate young people about the harmful neurological impacts of drug use.

Using the latest 3D brain scan technology, the one-hour workshop helps students understand what illicit drugs can do to a teenager’s developing brain, and equips them with the scientific evidence they need to make positive choices about their own health and wellbeing.

Developed with the input of professional psychologists, the program is designed to engage students socially and visually and to provide a unique, youth-centred approach to drug awareness and harm minimisation.

Y2K are currently running programs around Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and are available nation wide.

Over 2000 students where asked several data questions about Neurotoxins/Drugs before the 1hour Y2K program and after the program.
Teenagers intending to take drugs, dropped by 50% after the 1 hour Y2K program.
Several schools have stated this is one of the highest decrease’s they have seen from a D/A program.

Before the Y2K program commenced only 7% of students understood the concept of neurotoxicity. (Based on 2000 students, QLD and VIC) After the 1-hour program, 94% of students understood the concept of Neurotoxicity to the brain.

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Arrest Rates on Illegal Drugs (Australia)

Source: Crime Commission Australia


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